Bilbo Bolson

Animation Character

Hello everyone! Today I come to share with you my version in 3D cartoon of Bilbo Bolson from the Hobbit movies! First of all it is based on the concept of Javier Burgos 😍A character designer whose art has always fascinated me.

When I saw the design I loved it, I already saw the final rendering in my head, so I got to work! This character I made all the sculpture in the classes with my students of FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D & Film School and I finished the rest of the process in my free time at home. I would like to thank the concept art team that worked side by side, Biel Bahí and Eliant Elias, for all their feedback and help in the final stage. I attach the link to their portfolios below. You don't know how much I enjoyed the whole process of making this character, I really wanted to make such a cartoon character.

Look at this project on Artstation